Outdoor Workspace Design Basics


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Happy Wednesday everyone! It FINALLY feels like a cool, fall day today 🙂 We’ve been hard at work painting the inside of our workspace and running the electrical… and sweating bullets all at the same time! But now that the interior has been painted it’s time to start bringing in the stuff. My overall goal for this space is to create an open, airy, and clean room to design and create in. I’ve put together a sneak peak at the design basics we’ll be pulling together. Shop the links beneath the photo for individual items.

  1. I’m so excited about these hanging, cage pendants my dad is installing for overhead lighting. I wanted the light to make the space feel more home-y and comfortable. I think these will do just the trick and at just $60 they’re pretty affordable too.
  2. We’re being as thrifty as we can with the space and that includes reusing our Ikea Linmon tables from our current space. I was on a mission to figure out a good way to make these table bar height rather than a standard table without breaking the bank and my husband is quite a genius I must say. Stay tuned for the cheap, clean hack on those guys 🙂 We’ll be using a corner table and two others that match.
  3. The wonderful thing about the Linmon table bar system is the flexibility you have in creating the perfect table space. This table has more depth than the others making it a great cut table.
  4. Finding a home for all our “stuff” in the space is a top priority for me. Regardless of where we have worked, it’s always a smaller space. And this is no different. While we’re creating a new home for our workshop, it’s still quaint to put it nicely. It’ll be incredibly important that everything have a rightful home in order to keep in clean and organized. By using wooden crates mixed in with other white and wood containers, I can keep things out of sight and still pleasant to the eye.
  5. I love this steal from Ikea. I find myself standing most of the time while I work, but it’s nice to have something to perch on as well. This bar stool is attractive and doesn’t break the bank at $30.
  6. My favorite purchase out of the basics has to be our flooring. We debated for a long time about what, if anything, we wanted to put down. It’s no surprise that this is a utility space so it doesn’t have to be fancy, but again we want it to feel comfortable. At the same time, it needs to withstand some tough love, hide burlap dust and be easily cleaned. This laminate was just the thing for just 99 cents per square foot! Yes please 🙂 Can’t wait to see it installed.

What are your favorites from this space? Do you see a use for any of these go-to basics?

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