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Frequently Asked Questions from our Etsy Shop

We are so blessed to be able to make custom items for you all on Etsy. We know how much trust and faith you put in to someone to make something special for you or your family and we’d like to thank you for your belief in us through the years. We want to make your items just the way you want them so we’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions that we receive on Etsy. Please feel free to browse through this list so that you may make a more informed purchase J And if there’s anything we haven’t covered, please shoot us a convo!  

dotsgold3Christmas Stockings:

Turnaround Time: We update our turnaround times throughout the season on our listings. The earlier in the season you purchase, the sooner you will receive them. We tend to get inundated with orders closer to Christmas and it becomes increasingly difficult for us to get them out as quickly. In order to check the current turnaround times select the “Shipping and Policies” tab on the listing for up to date times.

How can I purchase different styles in one order? : One of our favorite things about our Christmas stockings is that there are so many different coordinating styles to select from. In each listing you will find a drop down menu to your right. The drop down menu for “style” will allow you to select the kind you’d like (e.g. Cream Ruffle Flowers) and then you will need to select how many of that style you’d like. Add those to the shopping cart and then return to our shop to “keep shopping” to add as many other styles as you’d like. Once you have added them all, make sure to include the names at checkout.

I am unable to select the style: If you are browsing or purchasing stockings from your mobile device you will be unable to select styles from a drop down menu. In this case you will need to purchase the number of stockings you’d like and then distinguish the style in the notes section of checkout.

Pet Stockings; I would like the bone name tag and paw print: Unfortunately we are unable to provide both of these options on the same stockings. If we do apply them both, the bone name tag will cover up the paw print and you will be unable to see it.

I am purchasing additional matching stockings this year, will they match?: Thank you for adding to your collection! We cannot guarantee that the burlap will match identically in color to the previous stockings you’ve ordered. We do our darndest to purchase burlap within the same dye lot, but the natural fibers of the burlap will vary from batch to batch. The only way to ensure a complete matching set is to make all of the stockings from the same roll at one time.

dotsgold3Wedding Items:

Turnaround Time: When it comes to wedding planning, we understand that timing is crucial. Most of our items take about 4 weeks to process and ship. Please keep this in mind when ordering. In order to check the current turnaround times select the “Shipping and Policies” tab on the listing for up to date times. Please include your wedding date in the “notes” section at checkout so that we can ensure that your items are to you in time.

Bulk Discount: We are purchasing many coordinating items from your shop, do you offer a discount? Unfortunately we do not offer any discounts for bulk orders on our wedding items. We understand how pricey wedding items may be and that’s why we have made them as affordable as possible. We are currently offering our items at the lowest price possible to help with your bottom line.

What are Sola Flowers?: Sola flowers are each handmade from soft, pliable tapioca wood and there may be slight imperfections in them due to the fact that they are made from very soft wood. These imperfections resemble tiny bits of bark or occasionally and small hole. Some are similar to an organic flower with imperfections such as a bug hole or tiny tear in a petal. They will vary in shape and size due to being individually handmade.