Don’t be afraid to fail

don't be afraid to failOnce we get over the hump from Christmas madness, the creative flood gates open and I can’t wait to get my hands dirty and design new items for our shop, but simultaneously I doubt myself. I think of myself as a generally creative person. I love interior design, sewing, woodworking, computer graphics and a whole slew of arts and crafts mediums. So I often find myself thinking: “Am I creating too many different things?”or “Am I losing shop cohesion, or is that the nature of my shop?” While these doubts are founded off of the, very poignant, literature circling in the creative entrepreneurship world, do they have to pertain to me? I find that it’s easy to listen to my soul which yearns to create, but it’s my mind that I have to learn to silence.

This business of ours exists because of the “random” projects I wanted to create. I don’t want to feel pidgeon-holed into only creating Christmas stockings, or creating simply rustic goods. My style and taste and mood is an ever-evolving state that I feel I should listen to; and I hope that you’ve seen this happen organically over time.

I came across this quote on Pinterest and it spoke to me and where I am at in this juncture in my creative life. While it may be out of the norm to create wholly different items with varying styles and tastes for one shop, I find it’s who I am and I need to listen to that. I am choosing not to hold back my creative tendencies simply to stay within the prescribed measures for a creative shop and I hope that at some point this speaks to you as well. I don’t want to be afraid to fail simply because I’m not following “the norm,” but I am afraid not to try to be me.

I am learning so much about myself as I grow and create. I never knew I could like computer graphics as much as I do now. The moment I read this quote I knew I needed to make a physical reminder for myself to post in our work room. I’m sharing this download with you today if this speaks to you.

What is it that you need to try? Break out of those chains and explore.

Download your print today!  dont-be-afraid-to-fail.pdf (1824 downloads)

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