Creating an outdoor workspace: Design Inspiration

We’re building an outdoor workspace and I simply cannot contain my excitement! But before I launch into the details and share some design inspiration with you, let’s rewind to a few months ago to where all this planning began… Before Barrett was born I dreamt of the ideal day-to-day situation for us as a family of three. And I have to admit that leaving him every day to teach was not part of the scenario. I love my job. I love teaching. But I knew there would be a strong urge to spend as much time with my baby boy as I could and to soak in these precious days. Fast forward to today and Barrett is four and a half months old. I’m not sure how, but I do know that this time spent at home with him has been blissful and I wouldn’t change it for the world. All this to be said because a fire has been lit within with an even stronger desire to make this part-time gig my full-time job. If that is ever going to become a reality, I need to truly start treating it like one. Since we started this company 5 years ago, we’ve moved our “headquarters” from house to house, spare bedroom to spare bedroom. It’s worked, and it’s been great to be at home; but now that we own our home, we’ve outgrown it. The spare bedroom that we operate out of is located next to Barrett’s nursery and the mess and the noise is not copacetic. So as we come to terms with this reality, we’ve mulled over the idea of building a custom work space in our backyard and it’s finally becoming a reality. I can’t wait to share the step by step process with you.

After looking into various companies to build our workspace, we’ve decided to go with Tuff Shed for several reasons. If we’re going to spend the money and commit to this addition to our home, we want it to be the right fit for us. Their online building generator and quote builder couldn’t be more user-friendly. We were able to select the building type we wanted, the size, colors, doors, windows, skylights, vents, you name it, to make it the right space for us. Our building has been ordered and is set to be delivered in just a couple of weeks where they’ll install it on-sight in one day. That’ll be some real-life magic if you ask me. ‘Accio Shed!’

Now, before we get too carried away, it will still be a modest work space, but bigger than the bedroom we are currently in. Our 10′ by 12′ workspace is going to require us to plan the space ahead of time to maximize workspace, storage, function, and design. We’re working on a maternity leave budget and big dreams! The amount of Ikea hacks I have Pinterested in the past 24 hours is ridiculous, but I’m so excited to share it all with you. In order to keep the space feeling airy and spacious, we’re hoping to paint the interior a bright white. The verdict is still out as to whether we are going to drywall the inside or leave the studs exposed. I would be down with a shiplap-esque finish, but I’m not sure the hubs would go for it. I’d be happy to take your opinions below.

I’ve gathered some design inspo along the way that I’ll be using as we get ready for SDD- Shed Delivery Day 🙂 So if you’re looking to create a bright-white, airy workspace or she shed, these are for you!

Design goals: Bright-White Walls, mix of white and wood, painted floors, and great lighting.

Photo inspo Clockwise: At Charlotte’s House | DelightFull | DIY WhiteWash | Shelter | Living VintageSquirrellyMinds  | Mundo Gump | Source Unknown | Trendir

If you could build a she shed or outdoor workspace, what would be your design goals?

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