5 Simple Ways to Transition into Fall Decor

The heat has finally let up today and I’m enjoying the cool breeze and shade out on our back patio. This brief respite has me dreaming and counting down the days until the heat finally subsides. I’m eager to turn in these brutally warm days for cool breezes, crisp air, rustling leaves, and snuggle weather. While my fall wardrobe eagerly waits on deck, ready to suit-up, so too does my fall home decor. I’m eager to begin transitioning into my autumn decor, but in the middle of August, I’m not quite ready to break out the bright orange pumpkins and burgundy leaves. They’ll have their place when the time comes; but until then, if you’re itching to make the transition into fall decor with me, I have a few tips about how you can start making the transition into fall. Pick one or two to add into your rotation in the next couple weeks, or heck, go crazy! jump in all at once; it’s your call! So here we go, five simple ways you can introduce fall into your decor over the next few weeks:
  1. Break out the neutrals– Summer decor often celebrates with color, bright blues and yellows. The tropics were all the rage this year. Did you partake in the pineapple fun? Perhaps you had fun with tropical, leafy greens and flamingoes. One of the first steps you can take to make the transition into fall is to take your decor back to a more neutral palette. Your fall decor is sure to pop with layers of neutral colors and textures. Bring out the shades of white, cream, brown, grey, black and my favorite, plaid. If you do anything over the next few weeks to ease into the fall decor in your home, it’s to keep it neutral. Adding a white pumpkin is always more subtle than a bright orange little guy. You can easily add those pops of color in since you’ve set a neutral backdrop.
  2.  Introduce some natural fall foliage with soft greenery– Nature notes the changes of the seasons through its foliage, so why should your decor be any different? Winter brings bare branches, spring produces fresh wildflowers, you get the idea. So bring the outdoors in with notes of fall foliage. Think outside the fall leaf with pinecones, wheat, cotton and mix it in with some soft greens. Soft greens will be key to the “transitional” look adding in notes of summer and fall.
  3. Switch out a pillow, or two, or five– Pillows are one of the easiest switches you can make throughout the seasons to make a splash. If you’re feeling hesitant as to what to do first, start here. Bring in something faux fur, plaid, or neutral. This is a perfect time to add in a new neutral fall print (we have tons to choose from in our shop; select a print in black, gray, charcoal, or gold to add into the rotation first)
  4. Add in a wall-hanging– Keeping the above-mentioned tenants in mind, add in a wall hanging that pays homage to all things fall. Like these here. Here’s where you can really start to add in your own personality.
  5. Pumpkins and Gourds– Naturally, fall decor wouldn’t be fall decor without pumpkins and gourds! Here’s where the “transitional” factors come into play. Opt for neutral gourds first, white, heirloom, or neutral. Then, as we approach October you can bring in punches of color.
What do you think? Do these seem like manageable leaps to make in the coming weeks? I’ll be jumping to it this week. Follow along on instagram to see it in process at @PinkSlipInspiration.

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